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Thanks for the excellent articles.

As a scientist, it seems to me that all of evolution points to a decentralized, broadly dispersed, genetically varied , high variety energy/food intake system as the safest to ensure the health and stability of any natural animal/plant ecosystem.

Our political system has consistently rewarded models of centralized control of industry with the outcome being large, centralized, genetically similar, narrowly geographically dispersed, narrow energy/food intake variety ecosystems/corporations/animal farms.

We provide tax breaks and a variety of other financial incentives to reward our current preferred structures. Nature, the animals, plants, and people are not the problem. Moving away from the lessons of millions+ years of evolutionary knowledge is our problem. To the extent that our systems mimic nature, we will succeed, unless we believe our civilization is more centrally intelligent than all of natural history as recorded in the genetic biodiversity of existence? I doubt it ....

To that extent, my thought would be to focus on the stimulus/reward system promoted by our government and begin to vote/pressure government to reward small farms that are geographically, widely distributed while promoting genetic diversity, encouraging natural feeding habitats and foods (insects, worms, low lying edible plants & fruit) and steadily removing the federal financial stimulus system that rewards centralization. Doesn't sound too hard, Lol ... Encouraging people to move out of cities into the vastness of our land by using technology to promote environmentally independent, local, energy sources, fruit/plant/vegetable gardens, and animal farming would replicate the giving away of lands in the West to grow our country back in the day .... allow the people to figure it out but provide financial stimulus to do so. Technology now makes this feasible and easier for the average person. Especially if supported well by our body politic. So much better than what big government currently has to offer us in terms of the personal satisfaction of being able to care for oneself, mental health, environmental health, etc. ...

But like the Bitcoin idea, which empowers individuals and replicates the widely distributed system of nature, my idea will not be enjoyed by our, or likely any, government. Big government exists to take peoples energy/food/money and distribute that energy/food/money to things they support (political friends). A well distributed system goes counter to the federal governments own desire to eat and grow from an ever narrower but larger energy/food source (huge corporations that finance/feed them). Centralize and justify ...

We can not let the narrative be to blame the people or the animals for our problems when it is our government itself that is the problem and our government officials attempting to gaslight the population into feeling guilty for systems encouraged and created by government leadership that were not of the peoples doing and now are out of their control.

Individuals regaining control of their lives and their economy by moving themselves and/or their governments toward financially rewarding this decentralized form of leadership is the proper path to your goals.... it says so in our own Constitution .... as archaic as people now like to think it is, despite the worlds problems being unchanged from those days to now. Small government, widely distributed geographically, with equilibrium from checks on that power by encouraged diversity and varied energy input sources ... like our farms/energy sources should be.


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Thanks for the insights, Jeff :). Shifting our current industrial food system to one that is decentralized, biodiverse, resilient, and based on thousands of years of wisdom and stewardship definitely seems to be what we need. Easier said than done, but fortunately there's a growing movement of people, companies, organizations, and communities working hard to get us there.

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