About Me

Hey, I’m Mitch Rubin 👋. I lead food, agriculture, and nature-based solutions at the Elemental Excelerator. I’ve spent my career both operating and supporting a variety of startups. At Elemental, I help companies connect with high-value partners, co-design projects with entrepreneurs, and collaborate with corporates interested in innovation.

Prior to Elemental:

  • Helped start a fund focused on building climate-resilient communities in North America

  • Worked at Chobani for over three years, where I managed the Chobani Incubator and Food Tech Residency programs to support food and ag entrepreneurs

  • Spent two years in Detroit as a Venture for America Fellow. During that time, I worked alongside the founder at a small fintech startup and served as Strategic Project Manager for a special advisor to the Mayor of Detroit

I hold an MS in Sustainability Management from Columbia University, and a BA in Political Science from Duke University.

When I’m offline

I’m based in the Bay Area and enjoy playing the guitar and singing, hiking, skiing, shooting hoops, and cooking.

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